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bespoke industrial vision systems

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Bespoke industrial vision systems

Dr. Stankiewicz Vision Systems Engineering specializes in building complete bespoke systems for industry. The applications range from completness check and general quality control through 3D measurements for robot and machine control to industrial metrology.

A number of services are offered for vision systems integrators.

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Services for industry

Bespoke quality inspection systems

Manual quality control is never a reliable solution. Installing camera-based completness check or defect detection provides a true 100% quality control even for high-volume production.

Sensors for robots and machine control

For applications like clutter unpacking or others where the robot or machine trajectory must be adapted to unpredictable set up; this requires special, optimized, bespoke vision sensors.

Measurement devices

Metrological devices may be integrated into the production line or provide optimized way of manual measurements. The key for success is to develop the imaging system and software to match the geometrical product specification (GPS).

Laboratory equipment

Building a bespoke measurement set up may not only improve the comfort of data acquisition. Semi-automation of manual measurements leads to better measurement accuracy and repeatability.

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Services for vision and automation integrators

Imaging systems development

Properly designed imaging system produces stable images with clearly visible features of the object. This is the core of every vision system and key component for its stability.

Image processing algorithms

Image processing is the heart of every vision system. This is responsible for reading the information from the images so both the robustness and speed depends on it.

Calibration procedures

Every measurement system requires calibration procedures in order to provide correct values. Calibration enables proper reconstruction of objects and tracability of the results to the SI units.

Software development

Image processing algorithms are deployed mostly as highly-optimized applications using specialized hardware. Important factor is the user-interface that makes the system adjustable by low-skilled personnel.


Languages, libraries and systems used to build the software

Example applications

You might find useful to see some examples.

Stitching UAV images

Image processing

Sausage casings defect detection

Food and beverage

Corrosion detection


Holes in sheet metal measurement


System for correction of robot’s position in laser cladding setup

Vision-guided robotics

Automotive completness check

Quality control


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